Investing in our Priorities: A Better Choice for Pennsylvania

In my years as a budget analyst and policy specialist, I’ve helped state and local governments across the U.S. balance their budgets. I know how the choices we make impact our communities. Whether helping to make government more efficient or working to make programs more responsive to people’s needs, I never lost sight of the real-world consequences of my work.

Our state budget should reflect our priorities. The problem is that it doesn’t. Our GOP-controlled legislature could adequately and fairly fund public education to ensure that every child in Pennsylvania has a fair shake, but they don’t. They could allocate funding for affordable housing and invest in the jobs of the future, but they don’t. They could choose to have every corporation pay their fair share, but they don’t. Instead, our Republican legislature has chosen to allow 71% of companies to pay nothing in taxes while our infrastructure crumbles and our schools remain underfunded.

Randy Vulakovich’s recent comments show us the choice he’s made.

To Senator Vulakovich and his fellow Republicans, creating a good environment for businesses means giving corporations a free pass. They choose to let small businesses and middle class families bear the brunt of the tax burden. We deserve better.

We know that what businesses really want is a highly-skilled workforce and communities with a high-quality of life: good schools, a clean environment, good infrastructure and transit. Growing our economy requires us to invest in our own future. These investments not only help our businesses thrive but benefit all of us.  It’s time for us to elect leaders who will invest in these priorities.

Randy Vulakovich and his fellow Republicans have made their choice. Now it’s time for us to show that there is a better option. I’m running to be our next State Senator because I believe we can invest in a better future for all of us. We can, and must, do better.