My entire career in public policy has been devoted to making government work better for citizens. I first spent seven years as a budget analyst for the Colorado State Legislature. There I developed expertise in a wide variety of government programs. I also evaluated programs, analyzed funding requests, made hundreds of millions of dollars of funding recommendations to the Legislature. After moving to Pittsburgh in 2008, I began working as a public policy consultant. With my firm, I have helped state and local governments across the country reduce spending while improving service delivery. During my career, I have:

  • Researched teacher salaries and state spending on schools for a state education This information was used to revise policies to address concerns about funding equity.
  • Developed a plan for creating an early childhood and childcare This plan is being used by a county to address the needs of working parents.
  • Helped align a state's workforce development Now they are better able to meet the needs of current and future job seekers – and the businesses that need them.
  • Assessed state and local economic development strategies and tax incentives. I recommended which to keep - and which to get rid of - in order to maximize the state's return on investment;
  • Joined environmental compliance inspectors on site visits. These observations helped me understand how and why regulations worked – or didn’t.
  • Conducted a county-wide human services needs assessment. With this information, the agency could direct limited resources more effectively to those most in need.
  • Reviewed the administration of a state department of health. By identifying improvements in how the agency is managed, the state saves money and better serves the public.
  • Interviewed judges, probation officers, public defenders, guardians ad litem, court staff, and correctional officers. By fully understanding the corrections and judiciary systems, I made recommendations on staffing and caseloads that helped the state meet its responsibilities while faced with a budget crisis.

I have worked with nearly every area of state government operations. My extensive public policy experience makes me uniquely qualified to hit the ground running in the State Senate.

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