A better world for our children

Around this time last year, we woke incredulous and deeply disappointed. I couldn’t help wondering what had happened to our country after watching the presidential election returns. After months of volunteering for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and waiting for the election of our first women president – a talented, experienced, and smart candidate – I didn’t know what to tell my daughters.

Less than a year into this new administration, we’ve seen the public discourse degraded, our democratic institutions threatened, values and allies disregarded. It’s easy to get discouraged and feel hopeless.

In the wake of last year’s election, however, I made a decision. I️ recognized that if I want a better world for my daughters – a world that values them as young women, that values diversity in our communities, that recognizes the link between protecting our environment and protecting our health, and that is built on the premise of opportunity, inclusion and promise – then I had to be more directly involved in making that world a reality. I have the skills, experience, and drive to make a difference and that is what I set out to do. In March of this year, I decided that I could best serve my family and community as a PA state senator; I started running for election and have been going non-stop ever since.

I’ve been a school teacher and a state budget analyst. I am a public policy specialist whose expertise is helping governments work more efficiently and effectively. I am the proud mother of two fabulous daughters. All of my experiences make me uniquely well-qualified. And nowhere is the need for experience, empathy, and the ability to work together to get things done more evident right now than in Harrisburg.

When I think about the future, I am filled with passion and hope. The recent election shows that people are mobilizing and want to see change. I want to put my experience to work making Allegheny County and Pennsylvania a better place for all of our families – and you can help make it happen.